A group attempting to steal approximately $1,800 worth of merchandise from the Bloomington Kohl’s store appeared to have an orchestrated plan, but the call for improvisation fell flat.

Police officers were dispatched to Kohl’s at approximately 4:15 p.m. June 24, after the store’s loss prevention staff reported that the foursome was attempting to conceal and steal merchandise. That conclusion was based upon the actions of the lone woman in the group, who exited the store with concealed merchandise and stashed it in a parked vehicle, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Mike Utecht.

While under surveillance, the woman went to a parked vehicle without license plates, placed the merchandise inside and walked away. Officers responding to the incident located the vehicle, but could not locate the woman in the vicinity, Utecht said.

Three other men were still inside the store when officers arrived at Kohl’s. An officer stayed with the vehicle while another officer went to confront the suspects as they exited the store. When the trio exited, they saw the officer and took off running, initially toward their parked vehicle, Utecht explained.

One of the men, a 32-year-old Minneapolis man, tripped and fell, which allowed the pursuing officer to apprehend him. Seeing a police car near their parked vehicle, the other two men – a 29-year-old Sandstone, Minnesota, man and a 24-year-old Minneapolis man – turned toward Interstate 494, jumping the fence between the parking lot and freeway. They ran through traffic to cross the interstate, but were arrested soon after by additional police officers responding to the incident, Utecht noted.

All three men were arrested on suspicion of felony theft and fleeing a police officer on foot. And all three had outstanding warrants at the time of their arrest. The 32-year-old Minneapolis man and 29-year-old Sandstone man were also booked for giving false information to a police officer.

Hit-and-run DWI

A 59-year-old Bloomington woman was arrested after being accused of fleeing the scene of an accident in Bloomington.

And based upon her field sobriety tests, she was also booked on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Police officers were dispatched to the junction of Old Shakopee Road East and 98th Street at approximately 8:50 p.m. June 26 after a report of a motor vehicle accident with injuries. Officers responding to the scene were told that the Bloomington woman was driving off in a tan or brown Chevrolet Blazer, heading north on Chicago Avenue, Utecht said.

The driver of the other vehicle, a 26-year-old Bloomington man, reported that the woman pulled out in front of him as he was traveling east onto Old Shakopee Road, resulting in the collission. The man sustained minor injuries in the collission, Utecht noted.

An officer pursued the woman’s Blazer and attempted a traffic stop. The woman was slow to pull over, but eventually did. She was cooperative when questioned by the officer, and showed signs of impairment, prompting field sobriety tests that led to her arrest, Utecht explained.

Robbery arrest

There wasn’t a good explanation for why it happened, but a 39-year-old bicyclist with no permanent address was arrested on suspicion of simple robbery, accused of grabbing a cellphone from a woman while she was at a Bloomington intersection.

The incident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. June 29, according to the 34-year-old victim, who also has no permanent address. The victim reported she did not know the suspect, but that her friend did, and that her friend had been arguing with him prior to the incident, Utecht said.

According to the victim, she was at the intersection of American Boulevard and Lyndale Avenue when the suspect approached her from behind on a bicycle and grabbed her cellphone from her hand. It was unclear when the argument between the victim’s friend and suspect occurred prior to the incident, Utecht noted.

The victim was unable to report the incident immediately, but called the police from the Bloomington Walmart store at approximately 9 a.m., reporting that the suspect was at the nearby Microtel Inn & Suites, 801 E. 78th Street. Officers responding found the suspect and questioned him, resulting in his arrest for robbery, according to Utecht.

Stolen vehicle

A 23-year-old Coon Rapids man was arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft after the vehicle was spotted traveling through Bloomington early in the morning.

A patrol officer passed the vehicle on the 200 block of East 78th Street at approximately 3:55 a.m. June 24. A license plate check of the vehicle identified it as stolen, so the officer began to follow it, and made a traffic stop as it pulled into a nearby hotel parking lot, Utecht said.

After questioning the driver and confirming the vehicle was reported stolen, the Coon Rapids man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle. A search of the vehicle following his arrest turned up a stun gun in the man’s backpack, resulting in his being booked on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a weapon, Utecht noted. The suspect also had one outstanding warrant at the time of his arrest.

Two passengers in the vehicle – a 29-year-old St. Peter, Minnesota, woman and a 24-year-old White Earth, Minnesota, woman – were citied for riding in a stolen vehicle and released at the scene, according to Utecht.

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