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A 34-year-old Brooklyn Park man was not happy about something and directed his unhappiness toward visitors of a Bloomington hotel.

Police officers were dispatched to Quality Inn and Suites, 814 E. American Blvd., shortly before noon May 26. Officers responded to a report that a man was causing a disturbance, and upon arrival identified a man in the parking lot who matched the description of the perpetrator, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Damon Bitney.

The suspect was entering a vehicle as officers arrived, and they attempted to talk to him about the report that he had been harassing hotel guests in the parking lot, yelling at them and blocking their cars. He was also reported to have entered the hotel and threatened to start shooting a gun, Bitney noted.

The suspect was continuing to yell from his vehicle but rolled up a window and refused to exit his vehicle and talk to the officers when they approached. They informed him he would not be free to leave until they discussed his reported behavior. He rolled down a window, spit at the officers and rolled the window back up, Bitney explained.

Although unwilling to cooperate, he eventually exited the vehicle and began to walk away. He refused to comply with officer commands, and when approached, attempted to punch an officer. He missed, and officers struggled with him as they attempted to handcuff him. The man was taken to the ground, but resisted arrest, rolling onto his stomach at one point, with his arms underneath him. He was eventually overpowered, handcuffed and taken to a squad car, where he spit at officers again as he was placed in the vehicle, Bitney said.

There was no indication as to why the suspect was at the hotel or why he was confronting hotel guests and employees, Bitney noted.

The suspect was booked on suspicion of disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault of a police officer and obstruction with force.

Assault arrest

A 24-year-old Bloomington man was arrested on suspicion of assault after police were called to his residence twice in one hour.

Officers were initially dispatched to a residence on the 1300 block of East 88th Street at approximately noon May 23 for a report of a domestic incident involving the suspect and his 28-year-old girlfriend. Officers responding to the report were told that she wanted her boyfriend to leave the residence, but she did not report being assaulted by him. The suspect gathered possessions from their residence and departed, according to Bitney.

Officers returned to the residence 40 minutes later, as the woman had called again, reporting that she had been assaulted by the suspect, who had returned, but left before she called 911, Bitney said.

Officers returning to the residence found him outside, where he was detained and arrested. His girlfriend reported that he had returned to their residence, saying he wanted to gather more of his possessions. They began arguing and he punched her, then grabbed her neck with both hands, choking her, Bitney explained.

She also reported an assault prior to the first police call. She said that she had confronted him over cellphone evidence that he may be involved with another woman. An argument started, and he eventually punched her head three or four times, with one of the punches causing her to hit her head against a wall. He also pushed her around their residence and grabbed her by the neck for more than 30 seconds, leaving her unable to scream for help, Bitney said.

She said she did not report the assault initially because she did not want him to get in trouble, Bitney noted.

During the second assault, the suspect took her phone when she threatened to call the police, and the victim noted that he has threatened to kill her in the past. The woman said that they have two children, who were present, and that she is pregnant, Bitney added.

The suspect was booked on suspicion of felony domestic strangulation and interfering with a 911 call.

Unhappy birthday

A 26-year-old St. Paul woman wanted to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend, despite the fact there was a no-contact order prohibiting them from being together.

The 36-year-old Cottage Grove man was arrested a day later, accused of assaulting the woman.

Police officers were dispatched to Homewood Suites, 2261 Killebrew Drive, at approximately 5 p.m. May 22 to meet with the victim. The woman was upset and had scratch marks, bruising and swelling about her body. She said that she was at the hotel with the suspect, whom she had a one-year relationship with. The suspect had been arrested in the past for assaulting her, prompting the no-contact order, but she wanted to spend time with him for her birthday. An argument ensued, however, and the suspect reportedly began throwing objects around the hotel room, Bitney explained

The couple had been drinking, and the woman tried to calm him down, encouraging him to take a nap, but he became more enraged, she reported. He did leave the room, however, but soon returned. Still angry, he climbed on top of the victim, who was lying on the bed and started to choke her. She could not breathe and tried to defend herself. The suspect eventually released his grip, and the victim threatened to call the police. The suspect took her phone, however, and left the room with it. The woman went to the hotel lobby to report the incident, and the hotel’s staff called 911, Bitney said.

The victim provided the suspect’s information, and he was located in Cottage Grove the following afternoon and arrested, Bitney noted.

The suspect was booked on suspicion of felony domestic strangulation, interfering with a 911 call, violating the no-contact order, theft of the victim’s cellphone and misdemeanor property damage to the hotel room.

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