With three seats up for election in the Bloomington Board of Education race, Boardmember Nelly Korman won re-election, and will be joined by Mia Olson and Heather Starks. 

The ballot featured six candidates, and a narrow margin of victory gave Olson the third seat, besting John Moravec by less than 100 votes. Boardmember Maureen Bartolotta and Scott Christensen also came up short in Tuesday's election. 

Boardmember Dick Bergstrom did not seek re-election. 


Nelly Korman: 9,015 votes (21.80%); Heather Starks: 8,674 votes (20.98%); Mia Olson: 7,474 votes (18.08%); John Moravec: 7,387 votes (17.87%); Maureen Bartolotta: 5,496 votes (13.29%); Scott Christensen: 3,153 votes (7.63%)

The result totals are based upon the Minnesota Secretary of State's website report, with 32 precincts reporting. 

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