To the editor:

I will be voting yes on both 834 levy questions, and I encourage you to do the same. There is a vocal group opposed to passing these levies, which I personally don’t understand. Dig up what you want about the teacher’s union, the school board or the third grade reading scores.

Bark about masks or indoctrination. I’ve heard and read these arguments over and over….and over. And I still don’t care about any of them. Not even a little bit.

What I care about are the wonderful things happening at every school in this district. I care about the well roundedness that comes with the renewal and approval of a levy.

I care about making sure teachers have the resources to do the very hard work of teaching our kids. I care about kids having access to needed technology. I care about giving kids every opportunity to succeed.

Public schools are the backbone of our community. Can we do better? Always. Should we expect to do better without appropriate funding? Absolutely not.

Please make a plan to vote and talk to your friends and neighbors about doing the same. It’s going to take an army of yes votes to get this passed.

Get to it, Stillwater!

Staci Wolden


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