To the editor:

In 2013, the last time communities in the Stillwater school district voted on a levy, an overwhelming 63% of voters approved critical funding for our public school students. That levy is now expiring, leaving over 8,000 students vulnerable to significant budget cuts that would strip away the core of our educational excellence and severely damage the stability of our district.

On Nov. 2, it’s time to vote yes again on both ballot questions and make an unwavering commitment to our kids in our community. These dollars are not “extra” nor are they fluff. Schools require a levy to operate safely, comply with unfunded state mandates and provide children the same opportunity our community gave us when we were young – a solid, public education.

History shows our local business leaders, elected officials, law enforcement and community organizations support a levy.

History also shows we cannot leave it up to someone else to vote yes.

It takes you, the individual. This is what we do. We show up to vote and the time is now.

Make voting yes on both ballot questions a priority. Invest in the education of the children in your family, down the street and in this community. Be on the winning side.

Traci Maki, Stillwater

Andy Kubiak, Lakeland Shores

Editor’s note: Maki and Kubiak were the 2013 Levy Volunteer Committee Co-Chairs.

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