Weather or Not: Last month of summer

WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer

When you purchased your Halloween candy to hand out last night, did you buy what you thought the kids would like, or did you buy what you like? We usually do a bit of both because there are always leftovers. And I love leftover candy.

My wife has always handed out full size candy bars because she remembers going to a house that did that in her youth. I love that the owner of that house was my good friend John Hines of local radio fame. I loved listening to him on WLOL back in the day. And I was honored to work with him at K102 and WCCO radio.

At least we didn’t wake up to accumulating snow this morning like we did in 1991. I have often spoke of the Halloween Blizzard that blanketed our landscape with 28.4 inches of snow. Most of that (20.2 inches) actually fell from November 1 to the 3rd. We would add more snow that month…much more. By the end, we racked up 46.9 inches of snow for the month. That is the most for any month on record.

I don’t see any big storms on the horizon, but I don’t see any heat either. The average high today is 50 degrees, but we may stay below average for the next several days. Bundle up, as our highs are more typical for mid-November than now.

So are you a clock changer on Saturday nights, or do you do it on Sunday mornings? Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. On a positive note, you get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow night. On a negative note, the sun will set at 4:58 p.m. Sunday night. By the end of the month, it will set at 4:33 p.m. in the evening (a time I consider late afternoon in the summer months). Don’t forget to change all of your clocks. And it’s a great time to pop new batteries into your smoke detectors.

Next weekend will be a busy one for the hunters in your family. The firearm deer season opener is next Saturday. My wife laughs because I dish out personal forecasts for my hunting friends in exchange for venison. A fair trade in my books. I know it’s over a week away, but it looks to be a cool opener. Layer up under that blaze orange.

Speaking of orange, it’s too bad all those beautiful leaves have to fall each year. The St. Croix River Valley is so gorgeous with the variety of colors. Now we are raking the leaves up from our yards. You certainly won’t overheat working out there these days.

And before you know it, you will be feasting on a delightful Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy special time with your family and friends. I will fill my plate with stuffing smothered in gravy, and I will have to fight my brother for the cranberry gel that is still in the shape of the can.

Stillwater native Chris Shaffer is WCCO’s chief meteorologist.

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