Weather or Not: Last month of summer

WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer

Welcome to our wettest month of the year. We average 4.30 inches of precipitation this month. We’ve had some whoppers in recent years with 6.75 inches two years ago, and we were soaking in 7.82 inches of rain three years ago. Last August we were pretty dry, but we were sweating quite a bit with highs in the 90s five days. The average high for today is 83 degrees, and by the end of the month, the average high slips back to 78 degrees. Many will rejoice in the cooler air, while others will know we are tumbling toward winter.

You will want to keep an eye to the sky in the early morning hours Aug. 11 through the 13. The most popular meteor shower, the Perseids, will be peaking on those days. During this time, you can see roughly 50-75 burning up about 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. There is one problem this year. The moon will be very bright, which will compete with the popular display. The meteor shower has already begun, and it goes about 10 days past the peak viewing times. Hopefully you catch a few, and don’t end up with too many mosquito bites.

It’s hard to believe that kids will be back in school before the month wraps up. I feel like summer just started – remember parts of the state were digging out from snow as late as May. I do love fall though. I rank it as my second favorite season right behind summer. And of course, many will attend what marks the unofficial end of summer…The Minnesota State Fair that runs August 22 through Labor Day. I do hope you swing by our WCCO booth and say hello. I will be out there every weekday for all of our newscasts – including our fun-filled 4 o’clock show, which is all about the fair. I may try to steal a cheese curd from you, Amelia will try to grab one of your Sweet Martha’s Cookies and Frank will polish off your Mini Donut Beer if you’re not careful.

Stillwater native Chris Shaffer is WCCO’s chief meteorologist.

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