I love delivering you accurate forecasts weeknights on WCCO television. If you watch, and I hope you do, you know I love to work song titles into my forecasts. So I will be thinking of Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On” and the great Martha and the Vandellas hit “Heat Wave” over the next few days. It is going to be Hot, Hot, Hot (another music reference…Buster Poindexter).

We did wrap up the month of May above average in the temperature department.

My concern is that we are drying out. Many parts of the state are considered abnormally dry, while others are in more serious drought conditions.

We could use a drink from Mother Nature’s bar, and I would order a tall one for us all.

As you fan yourself with the paper to stay cool, you may be wondering if this is summer heat or late spring heat? You are right…let me explain. Many of you consider Memorial Weekend as the start of summer. For a meteorologist like myself, summer started on Tuesday. We consider June, July and August to be the summer months.

It is just easier to keep accurate records with hard dates like that. Others will call it summer starting June 20th. That night the summer solstice begins. We will have our greatest amount of daylight at 15 hours, 36 minutes and 46 seconds. I don’t think you will be crying on the 21st as we lose one whopping second of daylight.

However, you may be when the winter solstice arrives in December. We will lose 6 hours and 51 minutes of daylight.

At least Christmas will only be a few days away. You can ask Santa for more daylight...and more heat!

I always loved this time of year as a kid. School’s out for the summer (yet another musical reference featuring Alice Cooper). We would often ride our bikes to Nelson’s Ice Cream for that colossal scoop of goodness. We would swim in the St. Croix River and Lily Lake back in the day.

And other days we never left the house watching game shows on TV, or we would switch on the Atari or Intellivision console and game for hours. Such a carefree time in life.

I hope kids today enjoy summer as much as we did. And I will take you on at Pitfall anytime and anywhere.

I loved jumping across those crocodile heads and swinging on the vine.

Now is the time of year for people of all ages to enjoy fun outdoor activities in Stillwater. I would love to bring my old Ford down for Cruisin’ on the Croix, which starts up this coming Wednesday.

Sadly, I work nights, so I don’t get the chance to check out all of the fabulous classic cars that are there for you to enjoy. I am off on weekends though, so don’t be surprised if you see me at the farmers market starting, June 12.

You may also catch me out at the Washington County Fairgrounds for the Stillwater Flea & Crafter Market.

I will be the guy trying to talk someone down on a very strange object. That’s how I roll.

Have a wonderful summer! Stay cool, and enjoy everything the St. Croix Valley has to offer. I hope to run into you sometime.

Stillwater native Chris Shaffer is WCCO’s chief meteorologist.

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