If you didn’t get out and enjoy the winter, it’s time. Only the die-hards wait until it is negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit to start to enjoy winter.

With snow and unseasonably warm weather, I spotted kids enjoying the snow-covered hills by the Jr. High. They even built a jump for those that wanted something extra from the hill. Now that looked like fun.

Out on Lily Lake and South Twin Lake, people were ready to find those elusive fish. Careful, the ice is marginal for cars or any combination of very heavy things.

For the bird watchers, now is the time to watch for eagles. They can’t hide in the trees and they look majestic against blue skies. With the lakes frozen over, they watch for their source of food along the roads. Perfect place for easy spotting. Just look for some roadkill. An eagle just might be in the tree watching it.

Finally, for anyone that has not been there, spend 15 minutes with the trumpeter swans in North Hudson. Park just south of the railroad tracks, at the end of the walking trail along the river that leads to Hudson.

You will hear them calling to you. Please respect them and stay at least 25 feet away. Plus — if there is a breeze, dress warm. The moisture from the open river can make it rather cold.

Last week, I spotted 20 swans in a field just north of town. It appeared that they found a good place to find peace and quiet for a quick nap.

So, don’t let that white stuff keep you in the house. Enjoy what nature is providing.

David Fabio is a local author and nature photographer. His books can be viewed at www.davidfabio.com.

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