As it does every winter, Long Lake freezes and becomes Stillwater’s largest park. A few things are different this year … there are more dogs and more people jogging, skiing, walking and talking. Relief for our stir-fried COVID psyche, I suppose.

The finches are making a mess and fighting with each other. We had inexpensive feed that contained a lot of millet seeds, which they threw to the ground to find the better seeds in the mix.

So, I purchased some expensive nut and fruit mix, which they still trash to find that just-right piece of nut.

I guess the doves and rabbits make out in this deal.

We have a week-long inversion with not a whisper of air moving. The nightly fog freezes to the pine trees with an other-worldly appearance.

This is the warmest winter in memory, and soon the sun will grow noticeably brighter. Hold on, shots and spring are on the way.

Lee Miller is a Stillwater resident who lives on Long Lake, and is a regular contributor to The Gazette.

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