Did you get through April Fools Day without any pranks being played on you? I survived. 

I have pulled a few on others over the years including the old cling wrap covering the toilet. However, I will always remember the prank Mother Nature played on us back in 1985. I was attending Oak-Land Junior High, and my brother was in high school. Our mom woke us up and told us to get out and clear the driveway because we had picked up over a foot of snow overnight. We thought she was kidding…until we opened our shades: 14.7 inches of snow had fallen, and our arms were quite sore cleaning up. That year, March certainly went out like a lion. And April has been challenging over the past few years.

We average measureable snowfall in seven of our 12 months. Of those, April ranks sixth with 2.4 inches of snow. However, if you moved here in the past eight years, you would beg to differ. Here is a breakdown of our April snow totals. 7.3 inches last April, 9.8 inches in 2019, 26.1 inches in 2018 (a monthly record) and 17.9 inches back in 2013. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a normal April? That looks likely this year. We will have a few cool days, but I don’t see any combo of cool days and major precipitation in the next few weeks. And if the long-range models prove accurate, we are looking at a mild month, much like the March we just completed.

I am really pleased with the weather we will have for Easter weekend. Do you remember last Easter? It was a difficult one of course because of Covid, but it was also tough because of the 6-plus inches of snow that fell. The Easter Bunny worked hard hiding those eggs outside the night before, and then Mother Nature gave them some extra coverage. I recall several balmy Easters, and we’ve had our share of snow-covered gatherings as well. No matter the weather, I hope you have a Happy Easter. 

I love all of the traditions associated with Easter from church services to ham dinners. And of course the sweets. I admit…I love Peeps! The bunnies, the chicks, the soft ones and even the semi-stale ones. I even had some friends send me some Peeps coffee creamer. I am hooked. When you see me bringing you the weather forecast Monday on WCCO, take note at how my sport coat may be a bit snug. It is because of those Peeps.

Enjoy the warmer days as we progress through April. We see one of our largest temperature jumps over the course of the month. It will be 15 degrees warmer on the 30th than it was yesterday. The average high April 30th is 65 degrees. And I will be finishing my 65th Peep. Help me!

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