At first glance, the Bartelmy-Meyer neighborhood in Maplewood looks like a typically suburban enclave. The homes sit in orderly rows, surrounded by gardens, lawns and trees, with a city park in nearby walking distance. If you stroll through the neighborhood in summer, however, you may notice that the sidewalks are etched with a pattern of concentric circles, much like the ripples that spread from a stone tossed into a lake on the kind of day when the air is soft and the birdsong charming. 

Hong-1-27-Sculpture garden.jpg

The Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis features wetland restoration and native habitat.

The neighborhood is actually the site of a “Living Streets” demonstration project, led by the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District and City of Maplewood in 2012, with grant support from the Minnesota Clean Water Fund. As part of the project, the watershed district and city worked together to complete a series of seemingly small, but significant changes that dramatically reduced stormwater runoff, increased green space, and improved safety for children and pedestrians.

Angie Hong
Angie Hong
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