Young Americans for Freedom members from St. Croix Preparatory Academy planted 2,977 flags to commemorate the victims who died Sept. 11, 2001. (Contributed photo)

Members of the Young Americans for Freedom placed 2,977 flags along the entryway to St. Croix Preparatory Academy in West Lakeland Township on Monday, Sept. 7, to commemorate the 2,977 victims who died during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Young Americans for Freedom members are comprised of students from St. Croix Preparatory Academy. None of the students had been born when the attacks occurred.

The YAF members who placed flags for the “9/11: Never Forget Project” were Jae Curtis, Teige Lethert, Samuel Lipman, Hayden Posch, Samuel Smith and Noah Lipman, YAF chapter chairman.

“It is hard for us to understand the magnitude of the tragedy from the numbers,” Lipman said, “but those numbers do matter: 2,977 people, mostly civilians, and 343 firefighters and 71 sworn officers who rushed into the danger after the attacks occurred. A flag for each one helps us to visualize the scale of what happened on that day and what we lost.”

The YAF undertakes service projects such as the “9/11:Never Forget Project” to show the importance of individual freedom, a strong national defense and traditional values, according to a press release from YAF.

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