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The National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service forecasts the St. Croix River will hit flood action stage Friday, March 13. As of the Gazette’s print deadline on March 12, the St. Croix River was 79.86 feet – action stage is 80 feet. The Stillwater Riverwalk becomes inundated with water when the water level hits 77 feet. According to a conditional simulation based on conditions as of March 9, the National Weather Service predicts a 50% chance that the St. Croix River will hit minor flood stage, a 25% chance of moderate flooding – the level of flooding hit in 2019 – and a 20% chance of major flooding.  This simulation forecast is for the March 16 to June 14 time period. See additional information on Page A5. (Photo by Kevin Ott)

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