Stillwater police car

Stillwater police arrested a man carrying several purses in his vehicle after they claim he was unable to explain why he had more purses than most men typically have.

The man was arrested and charged with four counts of tampering with a motor vehicle; four counts off receiving stolen property; four counts of misdemeanor theft; one count of driving after revocation and one count of possession of an open bottle.

Stillwater Police Officers were responding to several reports of tampering or thefts from motor vehicle over the weekend and were searching area neighborhoods for what witnesses described as dark colored sedan.

As officers were investigating a Washington County Deputy monitoring radio traffic noted a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle leaving “… a high rate of speed.”

Officers pulled the vehicle over, and a peek inside the car and some questioning by officers led the officer to discover that the driver and lone occupant couldn’t explain how several pieces of property not belonging to him happened to be inside of his vehicle.

Officers believed there were more handbags inside the car than most men would usually own, according to Facebook post from SPD. The subject claimed the purses belonged to his girlfriend despite the fact her identification was not inside any of those purses.

Police say the subject admitted to stealing items and he also admitted to stealing other items including a brief case.

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