To the editor:

Last Sunday we marched, over one hundred of us. We were an impressive human stream of orange marching across the Stillwater Lift Bridge and back, then down Main Street, and back to the Pavillion. We marched for Gun Violence Awareness in the hopes that after the recent horrific tragedy in Uvalde that the government would finally listen to the majority of Americans who want sensible gun laws that will protect us. Each day 110 lives are cut short by gun violence.(Wear Orange)

Why orange? Orange became the color of National Gun Violence Awareness Day after the Hayida Pendleton who marched in President Obama’s Inaugural parade and was shot a week later in Chicago, dying at 17. To honor her and bring awareness to the tragedy of innocent lives lost to gun violence, her friends marched in orange, hunters’ safety color, on what would have been Hayida’s 18th birthday, June 2nd, 2015.

Why did we march in Stillwater? Because as our government continues to stall and more lives are needlessly lost, we must keep trying to be heard. Perhaps here in Minnesota, we can persist in getting some sensible gun laws passed, such as the red flag law and background checks. But of course, this will not happen unless we vote out legislatures that are endorsed by the NRA. We must vote to save lives.

Peg Ludtke , Stillwater

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