The first 38 free cigarette disposal units, acquired for the city by Sustainable Stillwater MN, are going up around Stillwater.

Look for the black vertical boxes attached to light poles, fences and tall signs in front and in back of downtown businesses.

The cigarette disposal units were acquired by Sustainable Stillwater MN from America the Beautiful Foundation, and are being installed by the Stillwater Public Works Dept. now through the end of fall.

Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter, as an estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown away every year worldwide. Additionally, over 4000 chemicals may also be introduced to the environment via cigarette particulate matter (tar) and mainstream smoke.

Smokers now have a place to dispose of their cigarettes before the butts are swept into storm drains that empty into the river or get disbursed into the environment.

Businesses have been adopting the units installed nearby their location, agreeing to clean them, and Sustainable Stillwater MN has been putting a label on the box recognizing this adoption. Additionally, businesses that own their own building can get free disposal units to install on their property from Sustainable Stillwater MN, at There are a few boxes near parking lots where Sustainable Stillwater is looking for volunteers to agree to keeping them clean as they are not near businesses.

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