Clint Peters

Retired professional skateboarder Clint Peterson (right) spoke alongside Mayor Ted Kozlowski at a ceremony honoring the memory of Gordon Bartel during the Lumberjack Days festival on Saturday, July 16.

Among the familiar attractions at this year’s Lumberjack Days was something that hasn’t been seen in the past: a skate ramp in the parking lot in front of Charlie’s patio. The ramp, which was brought in by a Twin Cities company called 3rd Lair, was temporary, though many who were there last weekend would like to see something more permanent downtown.

The location, at the foot of the Lift Bridge seemed appropriate since, most summer days, this is where you can see Stillwater skaters congregate. According to many of them, there aren’t a lot of other places to go. But, for three days at least, skaters in town were given a place to go.

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