Honors given to those who go above and beyond to provide the quality compassionate care

Community members, colleagues and patients nominated Champions of Care from Lakeview Hospital or HealthPartners Clinic Stillwater, and the winners were announced March 25 at Lakeview Health Foundation’s 13th virtual annual community meeting.

Winners were chosen by a committee of current and retired staff from Lakeview Hospital and HealthPartners Clinic Stillwater, honoring health care professionals who go above and beyond to provide the highest quality of compassionate care for patients and their families.

Each Champion of Care winner was able to choose a foundation-supported program to receive a $5,000 contribution given on their behalf. Congratulations to the winners and the programs they chose to benefit:

Kim Barnhart, Manager, Case Management

Kim’s nomination read: “Kim’s commitment to our patients at Lakeview is unsurpassed. Kim works with some of the most difficult patient and family situations and always does so with the utmost kindness and persistence. This past summer, Kim managed all patients for several months without taking any time off. This was definitely going above and beyond.”

Benefitting program: Lakeview Oncology and Infusion

Tam Ducklow, Director, Emergency Department

Tam’s nomination stated: “Tam is an outstanding leader who sets high expectations for her staff and creates an environment that makes patient care a priority. During the pandemic, Tam put together detailed surge plans and worked collaboratively with other leaders. The overflow setup in the ambulance garage became a model for other sites and proved to be a very safe and effective way to manage care. Tam continuously revised plans as the situation changed and kept her team well informed. It was an example of outstanding leadership and partnership.”

Benefitting program: Telemedicine

Lance Kansas, MD, Hospital Medicine

“I don’t think anybody in our group took care of more very sick COVID patients than Lance,” read Dr. Kansas’s nomination. “His care of our patients assuaged their worries and those of their families also. His soft-spoken kindness, empathy and excellent clinical skills are a tremendous asset for Lakeview, and to do this with such grace and calmness in a turbulent pandemic truly shows how special Lance is.”

Benefitting program: Caring for Colleagues

Steve Schwartz, Concierge

Steve’s nomination stated: “In a stressful and underappreciated job, Steve’s a superstar. He does an amazing job managing folks as they come through the hospital. Always very pleasant, friendly, attending to the needs of our guests and expertly helpful.”

Benefitting program: Lakeview Oncology and Infusion

Jane and Jim Luger, Volunteers, Lakeview Oncology, Infusion

Jim and Jane Luger were lauded for their work in Oncology and Infusion over the past two years.

“From the day they started they made a difference for the patients and the team in the department by going above and beyond every time they come in,” nominations said. “They are always ready to work hard and take responsibility for this new role. They come every time with a positive attitude and a willingness to do anything in order to help the patient and the staff get through the day. They made everyone’s day that much better! We have missed them tremendously during the pandemic and eagerly await the day they can return again.”

Benefitting program: Lakeview Oncology and Infusion

Dow Redding, RN, ICU

“Dow has incredible patience even in difficult situations and is a great example to all,” reads Dow’s nomination. “He always volunteers to mentor new nurses and take a difficult assignment. Dow has been an incredible advocate for patients during the pandemic and makes sure that they feel safe and their needs are met. He will fight for the patients who want to fight and will support those who have decided to be made comfortable Dow truly is the best of Lakeview and I am honored to work alongside him and am inspired by the great nurse that he is.”

Benefitting program: Women’s Center and Healthy Beginnings

About Lakeview Hospital

Lakeview Hospital is part of HealthPartners, the largest consumer-governed, non-profit health care organization in the nation with a mission to improve health and well-being in partnership with members, patients and the community. Lakeview is an integrated, non-profit clinic and hospital system serving the eastern Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin.

For more information, visit lakeviewhealth.org.

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