Column: The economics of clean lakes and rivers

Square Lake in May Township is known for its clean, clear water. In Minnesota, outdoor recreation generates an estimated $11.6 billion in consumer spending each year. 

Washington County will submit the Square Lake Special Recreation Feature master plan to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval, after the County Board approved the submittal Feb. 9.

A master plan, approved by the County Board and Metropolitan Council, is needed to provide direction for future park development and make proposed improvements eligible for regional funding. The plan, developed by the county, provides long-term planning and implementation guidance for the park capital improvements, acquisitions, natural resource management and overall development to create a regional park that meets the needs of Washington County’s future park users.

Located in May Township, Square Lake park is a regional feature renowned for its access to some of the clearest waters in the metropolitan region. The park offers a popular swim beach and lake access for boats, scuba divers, paddle boarders, and more.

The plan provides guidance on the future boundary of the park, park improvements, uses, facilities, and natural resource management.

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