The Washington County Board of Commissioners agreed to allow certain property owners additional time to pay the second half of their 2020 property tax without penalty due to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency at its meeting Oct. 6.

Many small businesses and homeowners have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to that impact, the County Board agreed to a 30-day extension of the due date for the payment of the second half of property taxes.

Property taxpayers who own non-escrow properties who pay on or prior to Nov. 16 for the following classifications will not be charged any penalty on commercial/industrial properties with 2020 total tax due of $100,000 or less\ and residential properties and rural vacant land.

Residential properties includes both homesteaded properties and non-homesteaded properties.

Property tax payments made by lending companies, banks, or mortgage companies of funds collected via escrow payments from property owners would not be eligible for this extension and are expected to be made on or prior to the Oct. 15 deadline.

Agricultural property owners are not eligible for the 30-day extension as the due date for those owners to pay second half property taxes is already Nov. 16 under state law.

All property owners who are able to pay their second half property taxes by the due date are encouraged to do so to help support the county, school, and city continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If property owners have questions about whether their property qualifies for the extension of payment to Nov. 16, 2020, they should call 651-430-6175 or email

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