Carla Severson donates three AEDs to the city of Stillwater on July 4. 

Last summer Carla Severson saw a man revived on the river because of an AED. This year instead of birthday gifts, she asked for donations to purchase AEDs for the city.

Those donations raised enough for her to purchase three AEDS to donate and place in downtown Stillwater.

She gave them to business owners and city’s fire and police departments on July 4 at Lowell Park. The AEDs were placed at The Laura, PD Pappy’s and Ziggy’s.

The city of Stillwater is a HEARTSafe community, Stillwater Assistant Fire Chief Chris Zueli said. The city has a 23% save rate when it comes to cardiac arrests.

While that rate sounds low, it is higher than the national average.

As part of being the HEARTSafe community all Stillwater City owned Buildings have AED’s and fire and police personel attend CPR trainings.

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