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Kevin Corbid

The Washington County Board of Commissioners conducted a job performance review of Kevin Corbid, county administrator, Sept. 28, and provided a public report at its Oct. 5 meeting.

While the content and discussion of performance evaluations are private data on the employee involved, Corbid authorized public comments during the Oct. 5 board meeting.

The comments noted that the board continues to be pleased with Corbid’s performance.

The board said that the county’s response under his leadership to the pandemic and the county’s ability to successfully continue to provide services and ensure the safety of customers and employees.

The board noted that during the past year, Corbid was able to build relationships and work collaboratively with many partners, which was key to the county’s success.

The board is also pleased with the financial and budget management and the progress that is being made to ensure major projects are completed in the county.

The board also said that the progress that is being made related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and stated its support for those efforts.

The board pointed out Corbid’s communication skills as a strength, as well as his deep knowledge of county issues and the care that he shows for the work that is being done in all county departments.

During the performance discussion, the board discussed goals with Corbid for the coming year.

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