The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved several continuing contracts Jan. 5 that will provide services to county residents in the coming year.

The contracts include:

• Satellite Tracking of People LLC contract through Dec. 31, for electronic monitoring for juvenile and adult clients at an annual cost of up to $150,000.

Clients placed on electronic monitoring have increased 14% overall within the last three years, much of which is related to clients released from jail on pre-trial supervision with a condition of some form of electronic monitoring.

• Tubman contract through Dec. 31 that provides services to victims and families of domestic violence, including shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, Orders for Protection assistance, and community presentations. In addition, Tubman is the community point of contact for the Lethality Assessment Protocol program, a risk assessment tool used by law enforcement officers in Washington County.

The increase of $7,881, or 4%, will help offset an increase to service expense since the previous adjustment in 2020.

• Youth Service Bureau contract through Dec. 31 that offers diversion services for juveniles who would otherwise be brought to juvenile court in Washington County. The services are by referral, including the County Attorney’s Office, law enforcement agencies, and schools. While on diversion, a juvenile may participate in community work service, an educational program and early intervention services through the YSB. Juveniles are required to make restitution to the victim and complete the diversion conditions to avoid a formal court record. The 2021 contract is $259,192, the same as 2020. During 2020, 434 youth were served at a cost per youth of $590. Of the juveniles who participated, 91% had no further involvement in the county justice system for one year. Youth provided $1,703 in restitution, and 86 youth provided 1,204 work service hours.

• The Bridges II program contract for $222,336 that goes through Dec. 31, 2022. It is a program designed to provide a rental subsidy for low-income tenants also diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

Tenants covered by this subsidy pay between 30% and 40% of their gross income for rent, with the remainder covered by Bridges Program funds. The Washington County Adult Mental Health Initiative Grant covers the cost of the program with the Washington County Community Development Agency operating as the administrator.

• Washington Conservation District contract for $300,000 through Dec. 31. The Washington Conservation District provides technical assistance and educational services to promote and apply soil and water conservation practices throughout the county. The contract is for $260,000, plus a one-time additional amount of $40,000. It provides partial funding for the organization’s administrative activities, and services in local water management, land and water treatment, and public education. Included in the agreement is funding for the East Metro Water Resources Education Program.

• Visual Labs Inc., which provides software for body-worn cameras, data storage, and support services for up to 155 smartphones used as body-worn cameras.

The contract, which is to run through Dec. 31, will  not exceed $228,780.

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