Stillwater is preparing to combine the water and sewer invoices onto one bill. Currently water and sewer invoices are sent separately and paid separately. A combined utility bill will include fees for water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, signs and lighting will be implemented starting January 2022.

Residents’ current sewer utility account number will be their new account number and water account numbers will end. The new combined bill will also have new due dates. The due dates will be as follows: Feb. 10, May 10, Aug. 10 and Nov. 10. These are the dates that direct debit will be processed.

Residents will need to remove debit payments that were set up through the Payment Service Network after Dec. 15.

If residents have water ACH payments set up with a voided check, these will automatically end after Dec. 15.

If residents have the same bank account set up for sewer payments, no action is needed as it will continue when the bills are combined in January 2022.

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