The Washington County Board of Commissioners set salaries for 2021 for two elected county officials Dec. 15.

The County Board set the salaries of: Attorney Pete Orput, at $192,112; and Sheriff Dan Starry, at $172,394.

The salary increases are similar to those provided to union bargaining units that have settled for 2021.

Also, at the Oct. 20 meeting, the board set the administrator’s salary at $188,700 for 2021, which is the same salary received in 2020.

The County Board set salaries for the board for 2021 Oct. 20.

State law requires the board members to set a salary before the beginning of the year.

The board salary set for 2021 is $70,725, which is the same salary as in 2020.

The board members also receive expense reimbursement and the same benefits as those that the elected department heads, namely the county sheriff and attorney, receive.

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