The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved amendments to the Washington County Development Code June 22 to enable coordination of membership between the Planning Advisory Commission and the Board of Adjustment and Appeals as recommended by the Planning Advisory Commission.

In 2018, a significant amount of land use authority was assumed by townships, resulting in a reduction in the volume of work for the PAC and BAA, with less frequent meetings. That created practical challenges for the efficient functioning of the committees and for making effective use of the time of residents who serve as members. The County Board has reviewed the potential changes, and conducted a public hearing June 1 to receive public comments,. To implement the changes, sections of the Washington County Development Code that set out the makeup of the two boards needed to be repealed and replaced. The County Board referred the issue to the PAC for its study, report, and recommendation. At its meeting in April, the PAC made a recommendation to the County Board to repeal and replace sections of the Development Code.

Under the merger, the county will maintain the two boards, with identical membership, with seven members each. Meetings will be conducted on the same date, one after the other.

The transition to the new configuration of the PAC and BAA will occur as individual appointments expire or resignations occur, and no current member will be asked to relinquish an appointment.

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