2016 Voters Guide: 5 run for 2 seats on the Bayport City Council

Connie Carlson

Connie Carlson

Age: 62

Occupation: Small business owner (Pony Preschool & Daycare Center)

Previous political/community experience: Volunteered at Community Thread, served on their board of directors for six years. Active member of St. Charles Catholic Church’s CCW, served 2 years as CCW president. Currently serving as one of St. Charles Trustees. Current member of Croixdale’s board of directors and the Bayport Library Board. Presently serving on the Bayport City Council.

What will be your No. 1 program or service priority if elected?

My priorities would be to continue to maintain a responsible budget but keep the services we have. I also know we need to continue to work on updating our infrastructure. I would also like to see our Land and Water Legacy project continue to move ahead.

What is the biggest challenge that constituents have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic? I think one of the biggest challenges has been keeping our citizens and businesses informed on things. As a city we reached out to our business to keep them updated. Chief Laura personally went to the businesses to provide them with signs, masks and to explain the mask ordinance etc. to them.

How can the city help with economic recovery?

I feel the city and the council can help with our economic recovery by reaching out to our local businesses. We need to see what they need and how we as a council or city we can help them. We have to continue to support their businesses and encourage our citizens to do so also. We need to be a business friendly city. We have to work hard to keep the existing businesses we have and encourage new businesses to come to Bayport. We can also talk with residents to see what their needs might be.

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