School bus routes have been redrawn and the Stillwater Area Public Schools district will be able to provide busing for more students than previously anticipated beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

AT the start of the year, SAPS’ transportation vendor was unable to find drivers for many bus routes, leading staff to cut many of its busing routes. The district asked families to voluntarily find alternative ways of getting to school.

As a result of families who declined transportation, and the creation of neighborhood hubs and other efficiencies the district created to mitigate the effects of the driver shortage, the district was able to provide bussing to almost 950 more students than expected, according to the district’s website. However just more than 900 students who live within two miles of their school will remain without busing.

The district’s priority has been to redraw routes to ensure service to students we are required by law to transport. Families who live within two miles of school received notice last month that they may be without transportation. More than half of those families, however, were notified that busing will now be available.

As of Nov. 3, the district will no longer offer the early drop off times at schools due to staffing shortages. Some accommodations may be made at specific buildings, however, to allow more time for increased carpool traffic.

Students will not be allowed to have friends ride with them on buses due to space constraints.

As more drivers are hired, the district will continue to add back routes. The district’s bus provider is hiring more drivers. Applications are available at

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