There was a possible plan to change school start and end times to address ongoing busing issues, but that option was taken off the table.

The idea, which would have reduced the number of buses needed to transport students, would have also caused significant disruptions to students, staff and families and unfairly impacted Oak-Land Middle School students, the district’s website stated on Sept. 29.

Instead of changing school times, the district will focus efforts on establishing routes for students living two miles or more from school and others required by law to receive busing, creating neighborhood hubs, and continuing to recruit new bus drivers.

“Routes are currently being redrawn to give priority to students we are required by law to transport,” the website states. “The two-mile no busing zone means families living within two miles of a school who do not have a bus available will have to find alternative transportation.”

The district’s website adds that new bus route information will be sent to all families by Oct. 27; all of the changes to bus routes will take effect on Nov. 3 and as more drivers are hired, the district busing service will continue to add back routes for families living within two miles of a school.

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