A clubhouse for owners or lovers of rare and classic cars is coming to Oak Park Heights. 

Boo Boo’s Garage, named after the owner’s dog “Boo Boo,” will be a unique space for auto loving community members to congregate and store their rare and classic vehicles.

Boo Boo’s Garage manager Kevin Craile, of Forest Lake, said the garage will have space for 60-70 cars. The building owner lives in Stillwater, he said, but wishes to remain anonymous.

The garage is located at 5899 Nova Scotia Ave. in Oak Park Heights, a building that formerly housed the trove. Marketplace and Goodwill. The Marketplace will open in its new location, 5637 Memorial Ave. N. in Oak Park Heights, on Friday, Nov. 1.

Although the garage is primarily a club membership, Craile said it’s likely there will be some public hours for viewing the unique cars that span decades — from a 1966 Mustang to a 2018 Alfa Romeo. Craile said Boo Boo’s Garage will likely open in early 2020.

Boo Boo’s Garage staff are also renovating the space to fit their needs, including a full service station with a car lift.

Older and rare cars often need more maintenance, Craile said, because they aren’t run as often. A perk of becoming a garage member includes regular maintenance, he said, especially before an owner wants to take their car out for a spin.

“We want to basically have a concierge service,” Craile said. “With the old cars, you want to start them up once a month and run them.”

In addition to car services, Craile said members can also use the garage as a unique community meeting space, such as a bachelor party. Boo Boo’s Garage staff are adding a lounge space and full kitchen, he said.

“It’ll be kind of a nice club atmosphere for people,” Craile said. “It’ll be like a big man cave.”

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