Lake St. Croix Beach — Jana Soiseth was already running one business, Mod & Company, a marketing firm, along with her husband when she became passionate about natural skin care.

Her search for natural skin care products to help relieve her and her daughter’s skin issues, turned up very little. Soiseth saw what was for sale over the counter, read the ingredients, then looked up those ingredients, and thought that no one should be slathering that on their porous skin. Like the food we eat, much of that which we put on our skin sinks in. In those cases, you might as well be eating it.

She went back to school and earned her Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and began additional studies in medicinal herbalism. This gave her to tools to craft her own products – all of which are all-natural, plant-based and Vegan.

Since then, she and her daughter, Olivia, have been operating as Lucia Botanica; Lucia being Olivia’s grandmother’s name and also her own middle name.

They began sharing with family members, who soon wanted more, so they went online and began selling around the country.

In November of last year, Lucia Botanica had a booth at the holiday market at US Bank stadium. One attendee stopped by and mentioned that she was planning a store in Hugo that featured high quality local products and wondered if Jana would be interested.

They exchanged numbers and stayed in touch.

But then came the COVID-19 pandemic and Jana was certain the shop would be put on hold. Not so. The owner, Celeste, was determined and dedicated and in July she opened her store, Argyle Moose, featuring Lucia Botanica products, among many other local makers.

Lucia Botanica is based in Lake St. Croix Beach. Jana continues to make every batch by hand and in small quantities in order to control quality. The family-owned company is looking to grow through spas, retail stores and online sales. Jana built the website,, on her own and has recently added a section for wholesale. Olivia continues to help out when she’s not engaged in schoolwork, sports and other normal kid activities

With the holidays upon us, Jana and Olivia just want to let everyone know that Lucia Botanica is open for business

Lucia Botanica products are available at

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