It has been a long journey, but Halcyon Cemetery, a nondenominational cemetery with facilities offering indoor space for funerals that can accommodate up to two hundred mourners, has finally opened on a 10-acre site on the northeast corner of 50th St. North and Lake Elmo Ave. in Lake Elmo.

The site was originally the home of Roy and Marge Rossow, who built a home there in 1985. The couple was already thinking about what would happen as they grew older, thinking they would both eventually die there, and so built a single-story home, with two wings, one where the Rossows would live, and one for caretakers. Though both of them did eventually pass away there, the second wing was never utilized. Roy died suddenly while mowing the lawn, and Marge, who died of cancer years later, did not need that kind of long-term care.

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