Eckberg Lammers has launched a new Training and Consulting Services program consists of both Conflict Management Solutions and Law Enforcement Training Academy and Consulting.

Conflict Management Solutions, led by attorney and shareholder, Pam Whitmore, is a unique service that provides customized workshops, training, skill building, strategic planning, and/or conflict management services to help governmental agencies and private organizations work better together and manage conflict, according to a press release from the firm. This is done through a holistic process aimed at learning perspectives and providing guidance to engage and listen to others, work together to pursue integrative solutions, and commit to the next steps towards improved communication, collaboration, and strategic planning.

The Law Enforcement Training Academy and Consulting program, led by attorney and shareholder, Imran Ali, provides courses that empower participants to serve their communities with honor and integrity while being equipped with the appropriate tools for decision making. These courses include lecture presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and annual conferences and retreats facilitated by experts in the field regarding the most relevant subject matters.

The program will utilize distinguished faculty and subject matter experts from all over the state. This faculty will include experienced members of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and others in the criminal justice practice. These training and consulting resources work independently or in combination providing organizations both practical and legal considerations.

They are customized based upon the organization or municipal needs and are tailored to provide participates with the appropriate tools for decision making, team collaboration and healthier workplaces

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