Students at Stillwater Middle School tapped into their own rhythm Nov. 11 with a visit from professional musicians during choir class. The band Mestifonia, a classical Ibero-American band, helped children experience rhythm, dynamics and world instruments through movement and purposeful listening.

The performance was made possible by Classical Minnesota Public Radio’s Class Notes program.

Class Notes Concerts Artists collaborate to create a curriculum that supports the Minnesota standards for arts education. Mestifonia gave three performances through out the day to students.

Mestifonia plays music from the Iberian Peninsula and from South America, including styles of Spanish language music called fado, flamenco, cueca, tango, and more. Singer Paula Argüello is from Colombia and guitarist Gabo Blondel is from Bolivia, and the two met at McNally Smith College of Music. Cellist Julia Floberg and Zakh Peterson on percussion are both from Minnesota and together the group performs through the region in music that comes from Argüello and Blondel’s home countries and from Spain and Portugal.

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