Stillwater Ghost Walks provides several outdoor walking tours per month which tell the paranormal history of Stillwater.

Founder Mike Huberty began doing ghost tours in Madison years ago, then came to the Twin Cities for tours in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. As the oldest town in Minnesota, Stillwater was the perfect location to do haunted tours, Huberty said.

Tour guide Linda Lee has been interested in the paranormal and spiritual world since she was a child, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she became involved in ghost tours. Lee, who also goes by “Dangerous Linda,” is a visual and performing artist as well as a teacher. She originally found out about the tours through a posting on an artist job posting website, and said she knew right away it had “Dangerous Linda” written all over it.

“I didn’t mean that in an egotistical way at all, it just was such a perfect fit for me. For my storytelling and also my spiritual beliefs,” said Lee.

Although Lee started out in the Twin Cities, there is something different about Stillwater, she said.

“Our other ghost tours it’s like, this place is haunted, this place is haunted... Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota? The whole darn city is haunted,” said Lee.

Almost every week, Lee said, she finds a new place in Stillwater that is occupied by ghosts.

“It’s almost like a parallel universe experience... where they are... actually going about living their own lives in Stillwater the way they did in the 1800’s, and simultaneously we’re living in our universe and we’re going through our process, but we can’t see them and they can’t see us,” Lee said.

Although Lee emphasizes the tour is “live art” (meaning anything could happen), the focus of Stillwater Ghost Walks is on history and story-telling. According to the company’s website, nothing will jump out at you on these tours.

“First of all, I don’t want to be scared,” said Lee.

Lee believes most people don’t come to the tours to be scared - in fact, it’s the opposite.

“They come to learn more about the paranormal and the spirit world so it won’t be so scary,” said Lee.

While the tours are for all ages, Lee cautions that Stillwater’s uneven pavement and hills make it tricky for those who have difficulty walking. For more information on routes and to purchase tickets for an upcoming tour, visit or Stillwater Ghost Tour’s Facebook page.

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