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Samik Vanavasam is joined by instructors Nathan Thorn, left, and Nick Anderson, right, following Vanavasam’s black belt exam at The Edge Martial Arts in Stillwater on April 6. (Contributed photo by Lisa Casci)

Samik Vanavasam of Stillwater became the 50th student to complete the black belt exam at The Edge Martial Arts in Stillwater, which was achieved on April 6.

Vanavasam, 12, was tested in front of the black belt panel to prove to himself and the witnesses in attendance that he has reached the physical and mental level required to be a black belt under The Edge Martial Arts curriculum.

He is also a member of the Edge competition team and had already competed in the black belt division even before his promotion.

“This marks the 50th time we’ve called together our black belt panel to evaluate and test individuals for the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt or higher,” said Nathan Thorn, owner of The Edge and a 7th Degree Black Belt. “Each exam has provided a different group of people with different personal challenges that they have overcome, different goals initially set at the beginning of their journeys, and different talents belonging to each candidate testing. The common ingredient in each of the promotions is that the individual demonstrated and lived the core values of the martial arts — discipline, respect, focus, confidence, humility, honor, and perseverance.

“Thank you to all of the students, instructors and parents that have taken this journey with us.”

For more information on The Edge Martial Arts, call 651-351-7750 or visit the website www.edgemn.com.

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