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William Albert Kibble Jr

The Stillwater Police Department and the Minnesota Department of Corrections will be holding a community meeting 6 p.m. Jan. 16 at Stillwater City Hall to inform the public about a level three predatory offender moving to Stillwater. Both departments will be available to listen to community concerns and answer questions about public safety.

William Albert Kibble Jr., a 54-year-old man, has given notice to Stillwater Police and the Department of Corrections that he will be moving to the vicinity of West Willard Street and Lake Drive on Jan. 17. Kibble is currently a resident of West St. Paul.

Kibble was released from the Department of Corrections on March 20, 2018, and is a level three predatory offender. According to a media release from Stillwater Police, Kibble has engaged in domestic violence and sexual contact, holding a woman known to him against her will. He used a weapon, force and threats of violence to gain compliance and used his relationships to gain access to women.

According to state statute, a level three predatory offender is an individual who has served the sentence imposed by the court and is now transitioning into the community. The rating system put in place by the state’s Community Notification Act gives a risk level assessment of the likelihood a particular person is going to offend once released. Level three is the highest level and requires the highest level of community notification, as well as an increased amount of supervision by the Department of Corrections and local police.

As with all offenders, the Stillwater Police is preparing to respond to the community’s safety concerns, said Sgt. Steve Hansen, especially as Kibble will be the first level three offender to move to Stillwater in recent memory and will be the only level three offender in Washington County.

“I have been serving Stillwater for 20 years and can’t remember a time that we had a level three offender living here,” Hansen said.

Hansen said that Stillwater Police are working closely with law enforcement partners to give as much information to the public as possible.

Some concerns that members of the public have raised is Kibble’s location will be near Lily Lake Elementary School. Minnesota does not have laws that require a certain distance from a school or daycare, Hansen said, and the cities that have tried to implement local residency ordinances have had them overturned by the courts.

The community meeting will be a good place for residents to seek answers to questions and voice concerns, Hansen said. Residents can also call Hansen at 651-351-4900 with questions.

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