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Dorothy Chislett competes for the Stillwater girls swimming and diving team in its 102-73 Suburban East Conference victory over Roseville on Thursday, Oct. 8 at Stillwater Middle School. (Contributed photo by Angie Kranz)

If Stillwater’s conference title winning streak in girls swimming and diving was a person, it would now be old enough to vote.

The Ponies closed out the regular season with a dominating 96-80 Suburban East Conference victory over Woodbury on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at Stillwater Middle School, improving to 9-0 on the season.

The victory put an exclamation point on the program’s 18th consecutive conference championship and also extended its state-record dual meet winning streak.

“It’s a good thing to win a league championship like that,” Ponies coach Brian Luke said. “Historically, our conference is one of the top conferences so you feel proud of doing that. We didn’t have True Team state this year to show the whole conference off, but usually we put three in the top eight at True Team. Being a short season and having everything squished up it was a little weird, but it seemed to work out.”

The Ponies have won 177 straight dual meets since the start of the 2003 season, including 153 in a row in the SEC.

“It sounds like a lot when you say it,” Luke said. “It’s fun to keep that thing going, I’m not going to deny it. I’m not going to get another one in my career so I might as well enjoy it.”

It was also Senior Night for the Ponies, who finished first and second in all three relays and also swept the top three spots in all eight individual swimming events. Stillwater was able to achieve this against the team that placed third in the conference standings behind Stillwater and East Ridge.

“It was the last meet before sections so we want to make sure we have the right section lineup,” Luke said. “It does lead to some pretty good swimmers in their events and they go pretty deep. Even with our Lane 8 swimmer we went 1-2-3-4 in some events. On that particular night, we were pretty dominant.

“For me, it was the most fun meet of the year. The kids were into it and it was just fun to be a part of it.”

Seven different athletes won at least one event for the Ponies. Ellie Kill was the only double winner as she touched the wall first in the 50 (26.05) and 100 (56.41) freestyle races.

Eva Johns (200 freestyle), Maddie Reed (200 individual medley), Hannah Dettmann (100 butterfly), Schuyler DuPont (500 freestyle), Lucy DuPont (100 backstroke) and Norah Naatjes (100 breastroke) also won an event each for the Ponies.

“They really did step up,” Luke said. “This was probably our best (meet) from top to bottom with kids in their events and trying to do well. I thought that was our best meet for that and hopefully we carry that into our JV meet this weekend and the section meet.”

Stillwater is scheduled to host an intersquad meet for its JV athletes, who also did not lose a dual meet this season. That event will replace the traditional JV conference meet, which is not being held this year.

The Section 4AA Meet, which will be divided into two sessions, will mark the end of the season for the Ponies because a state meet is not being held this season.

“The section meet will be a bit weird, but I guess it’s weird for everybody,” Luke said.

The coach said the Ponies have 45 or 46 section qualifiers, a remarkable total when you consider the section team includes just 25 of those athletes.

“We have 21 section qualifiers who can’t even be in the meet,” Luke said.

Stillwater 96, Woodbury 80

200 medley relay — 1. Stillwater (Bella Chau, Anika Wright, Emily Shanley and Abby Hansen) 1:57.35; 2. Stillwater (Sarah Doeksen, Maddie Reed, Hannah Dettmann and Luci Miller) 1:57.90.

200 freestyle — 1. Eva Johns (St) 1:56.15; 2. Schuyler DuPont (St) 1:59.56; 3. Sydney Dettmann (St) 2:02.36.

200 individual medley — 1. Maddie Reed (St) 2:13.71; 2. Anika Wright (St) 2:16.10; 3. Norah Naatjes (St) 2:17.23.

50 freestyle — 1. Ellie Kill (St) 26.05; 2. Dorothy Chislett (St) 26.09; 3. Lucy Siedschlag (St) 26.47.

Diving — 1. Gabby Mauder (Wo) 269.80; 2. Emily Kranz (St) 222.25; 4. Madelyn Puhrmann (St) 175.70; 6. Maleah McKinley (St) 166.80.

100 butterfly — 1. Hannah Dettmann (St) 1:02.76; 2. Margaret Reed (St) 1:03.64; 3. Rubie Ballantyne (St) 1:03.95.

100 freestyle — 1. Ellie Kill (St) 56.41; 2. Keaton Koenig (St) 57.05; 3. Annie Gritters (St) 57.82.

500 freestyle — 1. Schuyler DuPont (St) 5:09.74; 2. Sydney Dettmann (St) 5:22.01; 3. Annika Fredeen (St) 5:47.20.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Eva Johns, Dorothy Chislett, Julianna Silva and Luci Miller) 1:44.53; 2. Stillwater (Kennedy Tope, Grace Sneden, Ella Sorensen and Teresa Campbell) 1:53.76.

100 backstroke — 1. Lucy DuPont (St) 1:03.02; 2. Bella Chau (St) 1:03.23; 3. Sarah Doeksen (St) 1:03.65.

100 breastroke — 1. Norah Naatjes (St) 1:12.24; 2. Jayla Petersen (St) 1:14.92; 3. Ella Busch (St) 1:17.92.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Keaton Koenig, Dorothy Chislett, Hannah Dettmann and Annika Fredeen) 3:55.76; 2. Stillwater (Schuyler DuPont, Rubie Ballantyne, Grace Sneden and Teresa Campbell) 3:59.33.

Stillwater 102, Roseville 73

The Ponies secured at least a share of the SEC championship with a 102-73 victory over Roseville on Thursday, Oct. 8 at SMS.

Eight different swimmers won an individual event for the Ponies, who also finished first in all three relays.

Stillwater received first-place finishes from Ellie Kill (200 free), Norah Naatjes (200 IM), Dorothy Chislett (50 free), Rubie Ballantyne (100 fly), Eva Johns (100 free), Hannah Dettmann (500 free), Schuyler DuPont (100 back) and Anika Wright (100 breast).

Stillwater 102, Roseville 73

200 medley relay — 1. Stillwater (Lucy DuPont, Maddie Reed, Schuyler DuPont and Margaret Reed) 1:56.27; 3. Stillwater (Rhiannon Fay, Hannah Dettmann, Sydney Dettmann and Danielle Fay) 2:05.41.

200 freestyle — 1. Ellie Kill (St) 2:02.02; 2. Julianna Silva (St) 2:07.91; 3. Katherine Eisenbrandt (St) 2:09.08.

200 individual medley — 1. Norah Naatjes (St) 2:19.12; 2. Margaret Reed (St) 2:21.46; 3. Annika Fredeen (St) 2:23.89.

50 freestyle — 1. Dorothy Chislett (St) 26.26; 3. Annie Gritters (St) 26.46; 4. Emily Shanley (St) 27.40.

Diving — 1. Ana O’Neil (Ros) 233.20; 2. Emily Kranz (St) 231.55; 5. Madelyn Puhrmann (St) 169.15; 6. Maleah McKinley (St) 160.30.

100 butterfly — 1. Rubie Ballantyne (St) 1:03.48; 2. Annika Fredeen (St) 1:04.35; 3. Emily Shanley (St) 1:04.72.

100 freestyle — 1. Eva Johns (St) 53.46; 2. Sydney Dettmann (St) 55.07; 4. Keaton Koenig (St) 58.56.

500 freestyle — 1. Hannah Dettmann (St) 5:32.38; 2. Julianna Silva (St) 5:41.41; 3. Katherine Eisenbrandt (St) 5:52.91.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Dorothy Chislett, Norah Naatjes, Ellie Kill and Annie Gritters) 1:44.73; 2. Stillwater (Eva Johns, Luci Miller, Anika Wright and Emily Shanley) 1:45.08.

100 backstroke — 1. Schuyler DuPont (St) 1:00.15; 2. Bella Chau (St) 1:03.10; 3. Sarah Doeksen (St) 1:03.33.

100 breastroke — 1. Anika Wright (St) 1:12.36; 4. Jayla Petersen (St) 1:14.62; 5. Abby Hansen (St) 1:17.87.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Keaton Koenig, Ellie Kill, Sarah Doeksen and Maddie Reed) 3:48.34; 2. Stillwater (Sydney Dettmann, Lucy Siedschlag, Julianna Silva and Teresa Campbell) 3:53.10.

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