Victories in seven of nine events propelled the Stillwater girls swimming and diving team to a first-place finish in the Suburban East Conference Relays on Thursday, Aug. 26 at Stillwater Middle School.

The Ponies outdistanced runner-up Woodbury 158-140 in the five-team field, with Cretin-Derham Hall following in third with 126 points. The remaining five SEC teams competed in a similar meet at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park, with East Ridge prevailing outlasting Mounds View in that event.

Stillwater finished second behind Woodbury in diving and the 800 freestyle relay, but prevailed in the remaining events. The Ponies took top honors in the 400 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay, 4x100 individual medley relay, 200 butterfly relay, 200 backstroke relay, 200 breastroke relay and the 400 freestyle relay.

The Ponies have won this meet each year it has been held dating back to at least 2003.

Stillwater coach Brian Luke was pleased with the performance overall, but also found things to work on — a similar feeling he has every year after the season opener.

“The first meet out of the blocks you always expect more,” Luke said. “It was good and our girls gave a nice effort. They haven’t had (this meet) in two years so it was kind of fun.”

Eva Johns, Maddie Reed, Ellie Kill and Lucy Siedschlag each swam on three winning relays, while Sydney Dettmann, Annie Gritters, Norah Naatjes, Jayla Petersen and Anika Wright each contributed to two winning relays.

Only the first of a team’s three entries factored into the scoring. Stillwater’s B and C relays also fared well in relation to the A and B relays from other teams.

“We have some slots to fill, but that’s always true,” Luke said. “The effort was there, we just need to get in shape. But after nine days of practice I might want to relax on that a little bit.”

Team standings

1. Stillwater 158; 2. Woodbury 140; 3. Cretin-Derham Hall 126; 4. Roseville 104; 5. Forest Lake 102.

Individual results

400 medley relay — 1. Stillwater A (Eva Johns, Maddie Reed, Sydney Dettmann and Ellie Kill) 4:02.63; 4. Stillwater B (Bella Chau, Ella Busch, Margaret Reed and Abby Hansen) 4:22.03; 6. Stillwater C (Sarah Doeksen, Paige Schmit, Hailey Schmit and Adelee Wrightsman) 4:33.63.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater A (Eva Johns, Lucy Siedschlag, Ellie Kill and Annie Gritters) 1:43.95; 5. Stillwater B (Luci Miller, Kennedy Tope, Marie Tschoepe and Rhiannon Fay) 1:50.38; 12. Stillwater C (Olivia Nelson, Mariela Rodriguez, Anna Putnam and Samantha Betts) 2:26.66.

4x100 IM relay — 1. Stillwater A (Norah Naatjes, Jayla Petersen, Maddie Reed and Anika Wright) 4:15.81; 3. Stillwater B (Shaeffer Watson, Alison Poole, Ella Busch and Grace Ganser) 4:41.27; 7. Stillwater C (Audrey Serres, Jayden Kemp, Elaina Lokken and Maysen Puhrmann) 4:56.84.

Diving — 1. Woodbury, 209.90; 2. Stillwater A (Maddie Puhrmann and Maya Kelly) 170.75; 9. Stillwater B (Kaia Bjork and Megan Johnson) 118.55.

200 butterfly relay — 1. Stillwater A (Sydney Dettmann, Lucy Siedschlag, Margaret Reed and Hailey Schmit) 1:55.18; 7. Stillwater B (Marie Tschoepe, Shaeffer Watson, Jade Axel and Addie Flock) 2:06.63; 10. Stillwater C (Danielle Fay, Ada Burns, Lucy Paczosa and Emily Dicks) 2:17.64.

800 freestyle relay — 1. Woodbury, 8:17.80; 2. Stillwater A (Alison Poole, Julianna Silva, Anika Wright and Sydney Dettmann) 8:21.65; 3. Stillwater B (Paige Schmit, Sophia Chau, Lydia Beck and Leah Cody) 8:57.99; 8. Stillwater C (Zoe Dorgan, Annika Beck, Hanna Wiese and Emma Villarreal) 9:33.64.

200 backstroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Eva Johns, Bella Chau, Sarah Doeksen and Rachael Steele) 1:56.11; 4. Stillwater B (Sarah Tague, Katie Schlegel, Piper Howard and Gabbi Chau) 2:05.30; 9. Stillwater C (Lily Kidwell, Angie Klein, Avery Coles and Katie DuPaul) 2:24.01.

200 breastroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Maddie Reed, Norah Naatjes, Anika Wright and Jayla Petersen) 2:12.32; 6. Stillwater B (Savannah Benson, Gaby Miller, Avery Hoge and Maysen Puhrmann) 2:30.25; 9. Stillwater C (Julia Petersen, Sophia Omann, Hannah Drexel and Ada Burns) 2:38.85.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater A (Annie Gritters, Abby Hansen, Lucy Siedschlag and Ellie Kill) 3:52.60; 5. Stillwater B (Julianna Silva, Rhiannon Fay, Rachael Steele and Katelyn Stack) 4:02.48; 14. Stillwater C (Raquel Gage, Heidi Stoffregen, Lucy Sorensen and Elizabeth Martinez-Johnson) 5:23.49.

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