Staff and members of Watermark Church in Stillwater are coming up with unique ways to serve the community during this period of distancing.

On March 16, the church paid for free coffee for medical personnel from Tin Bins and Daily Grind in downtown Stillwater. Medical staff who went to either coffee shop and showed their medical ID received a free cup, no strings attached.

Jarvis Glanzer, pastor at Watermark Church, said that they plan to offer free coffee again in the near future.

“Most of us stay at home while these people are running towards the action,” Glanzer said. “We want to be a blessing to them as much as we can.”

Volunteers at the church also began a delivery service for Joseph’s Restaurant, called “Watermark delivers,” where volunteers deliver food for the restaurant for free. It was a popular service when it launched the previous weekend, so Watermark is doing it again this weekend.

“It’s been a fun way to serve and be a blessing to our community while also adding value to a business that serves the community,” Glanzer added. “Any way we can serve those who serve is a big deal for us.”

It’s not just church staff who have come up with these ideas, Glanzer said, but members of the church. A woman who attends Watermark heard that seniors in area nursing homes are getting lonely due to the isolation from the coronavirus. She decided to write and collect letters from other church members with positive messages and prayers to send to local nursing homes.

The Young Adults ministry at Watermark, and other members of the congregation, are also assisting those in need by delivering groceries, food and other supplies to those who need to stay sheltered in place.

Glanzer said that as long as delivery and other services are allowed in Minnesota during the pandemic, the church will continue to serve the community.

“We love this city,” he said. “Whatever we can do to serve others and be a blessing, that’s where we want to be.”

To keep up with when and how Watermark Church is serving others, visit the church’s Facebook page. Those who wish to serve or ask for help can send an email to

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