Whether you walked or drove by a lake or pond, it was hard to miss the pussy willows that were blooming. They bloom for just a short time, but the white soft blossoms are unmistakable. Now, it is the leaves that are popping out that catch our attention. How quickly scenes change.

 During our wet drab weather, I was watching a pair of pied-billed grebes (or mud hens as most of us call them). They like to dive into the shallow waters of lakes and ponds, digging into the muck looking for bugs. On this day, they surprised me. Each shallow dive the mud hen came up with either a bullhead, a small sunfish, or a crayfish. I had no idea they were on their diet. I guess you can learn things by observing.

 Speaking of observing, I had a visitor one morning. I was working on a novel I am writing when a bald eagle landed in the oak tree, 25 feet from my window. For me, it is hard to write when something like that happens. In fact, after taking my hands off the keyboard, I shot 68 photos before my arm got sore from holding the camera.

 It stayed in the same place for almost 2 hours. One moment it would be staring directly at me. In another, it would be watching the ducks in the lake. It was a strange switch in roles. Normally, I am observing nature. On this morning, nature seemed to be enjoying the chance to observe me.

David Fabio is a local author and nature photographer. His books can be viewed at davidfabio.com


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