Seniors Ryan Duffy and Jacob Andersen are currently in the top 30 in the Northwest Suburban Conference through four meets in 2019.

Duffy is ranked 25th, and Andersen is right behind at No. 26. The seniors have had the top two scores in two of the four meets through May 7, and at least one has had one of the top two scores on the Orioles in each conference meet.

Duffy has a 41.1 nine-hole average in NWSC meets so far, and Andersen has a 42 nine-hole average in the conference.

The top three players in the conference through four meets are senior Caleb VanArragon (35 nine-hole average), Elk River sophomore Brady Holland (36.1 nine-hole average) and Elk River senior Caden Holt (37 nine-hole average).

Duffy and Anderson still have room to move up the rankings. Duffy’s best eight of 11 total number of strokes are 246, and Andersen’s are 247. That is around 15 strokes behind No. 15 Elk River junior Josh Hebrink.

Junior Michael Gorman is another Osseo golfer that can move up in the final three conference meets. Gorman currently sits at No. 30 with a best eight of 11 total strokes at 250 and an overall average of 42.1.

Conference meets

Duffy has been in the top two of each conference meet so far.

He was second on the team with a 41 on April 22 at Keller Golf Course in a nine-hole match. He followed that up with a second-best 82 at the Links on April 25 at Northfork Golf Course.

Duffy has a second-best 83 on April 29 at Rush Creek Golf Course, and he shot a team-best 82 on May 7 at Refuge Golf Club.

Anderson led the Orioles with a 38 on April 22, and he also led with an 80 on April 25. Anderson finished fourth on the team with an 89 on April 29, and he was third with an 87 on May 7.

Gorman shot a 43 on April 22, and he added an 83 on April 25. Gorman led Osseo with an 81 on April 29, and he was fourth on the team with an 88 on May 7.

Junior Kameron Kline finished with a 44 on April 22, and he added an 86 on April 25. Kline was third on the Orioles with an 84 on April 29, and he shot a 92 on May 7.

Freshman Cole Thoreson was the only other Oriole to play in every conference meet this season. He shot a 49 on April 22, and he added an 88 on April 25. Thoreson finished with a 90 on April 29, and he had a second-best 83 on May 7.

Sophomore Alex Theisen played in two meets this season, shooting an 86 on April 25 and a 96 on April 29. Sophomore Ethan Ringold finished with a 93 on May 7, and junior Jacob Rainerson had a 52 in the first conference meet on April 22.

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