To the Editor:

What a disgusting action when three of our county commissioners voted to go ahead June 11 with bonding for a new government center.

These three commissioners claimed that the petition of more than 4,600 signatures was invalid according to MN. Rule 8205.1010. I would disagree after reading this Rule, but of course, I’m not a lawyer.

They had used as one of their many excuses, that spending $650,000 on consulting and architect costs were too great to not go forward with the building. But now they think of nothing of spending $800,000 to $1.1 million, depending on who you listen to, in paying for a different type of bonding.

If the petition was so illegal, why not go with the original general obligation bonding? I think the real reason is that it takes four yes votes to go ahead with this type of bonding. It was general knowledge that there was only going to be three yes votes, so of course the solution for these three commissioners would be to go with a different funding method that would only require three votes.

These three commissioners, Vetsch, Potter, and Husom, decided on Certificate of Participation bonding, which is a lease-purchase method. Their problem was solved. This is a slap in the face to all the voters that signed the petition. To vote these commissioners out in the next election cycle will be too late. The damage will have been done. Let’s not forget what these three commissioners thought of us.

Mary Wetter,


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