To the Editor:

Governor Tim Walz has turned out to be an utter failure as the leader of Minnesota. He failed in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic when he ordered elderly patients sick from the virus to be sent back to nursing homes, only to spread the disease throughout the nursing homes. Because of Walz’s irresponsible leadership, Minnesota leads the nation in nursing home deaths due to COVID-19. Early on, common sense pointed to protecting the elderly, yet Walz continued his policy of sending them back.

Gov. Walz also failed all Minnesotans by continuing to disrupt and crush businesses in the state. Walz showed no sense with his dictates on which businesses could remain open and which businesses he ordered closed. Some were still closed 11 weeks in and counting. He has been utterly pathetic with his phony turning of the dial based on extremely inaccurate models that he wasted millions of tax dollars on.

As if the inept handling of the virus was not bad enough, now we have Walz’s failure to lead in preventing Minneapolis from being destroyed by destructive riots and looting. The failure of Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey to protect his city by ordering his police officers to withdraw and let chaos rule the streets led to Governor Walz’s underwhelming response, which took four days to start to be effective. When thousands are rioting in the streets, Walz responds with 700 Minnesota National Guard members who could not do anything initially because they were not given orders. The finger pointing continued while the city burned. The finger pointing between Mayor Frey and Governor Walz would be amusing had the end result not been devastation of a city they are sworn to protect. The rioting and looting is not over and has spread to other areas of our state and nation, but the call for the rest of Minnesota to pitch in financially to repair the mess that Frey and Walz created is already starting. Our economy is on the ventilators Walz wanted, there is no surplus – who will be stuck with the bill? Answer: we all will! Time to recall Walz.

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Chris Kauffman, Hanover

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