To the editor:

To my Democrat friends, please wake up. Your Democratic Party has been taken over by far left radicals who want to destroy all that makes this country the best place to live on this planet. Democratic Governor Walz and Democratic Mayor Frey let Minneapolis burn for 4 days.

Democratic Governor Walz continues his COVID-fueled power grab even through deaths, hospitalizations and ICU numbers are extremely low, well below his previous goals. The Democratic Minneapolis City Council aims to get rid of police as crime increases. The Democratic Minneapolis Park Board allows homeless people to live in neighborhood parks; now drug use and crimes increase.

Democratic Mayor and City Council of New York City cut police budget by $1 billion as murder rate climbs. Democratic Mayor and City Council of Seattle let radicals take over several blocks of their city until several people were murdered. I could continue but hopefully you get my point. I didn’t even mention California.

If the Democratic Party now stands for rioting, drugs, crime, no Police... maybe you should think twice about who you vote for.

Chris Kauffman, Hanover

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