St. Michael resident Taylor Krumm is inspiring kids to be kind through her first published book “Lulu the Magnificent.” The book was released May 10.

Lulu is a girl who loves magic and doing kind things for her neighbors. In “Lulu the Magnificent,” kids ages 3-7 years old will learn the magical power of random acts of kindness.

Krumm’s inspiration for the book stems from her love for anything magical as a kid and a little box magic set her grandparents gave her.

“I was really inspired by my own childhood, my mom was one of the inspirations for this book because she has always taught me the power of kindness,” Krumm said. “I specifically remember being those ages, five to seven, and those are my core memories is doing kind things for people.”

She has two nephews who are 5 and 7 and finds those are great ages to instill the importance of kindness.

The book took around two years to create, from conception to publishing with Bibliokid Publishing, a hybrid between self and traditional publishing for children’s books.

Bibliokid Publishing helped Krumm with editing, marketing and matching Krumm with illustrator Antonio Pahetti, who is from Ukraine.

She chose Pahetti to do the illustrations because of his hand-drawn style.

“Antonio hand drew and I loved the authenticness and storybook feel,” Krumm said. “Some of the feedback I get is ‘wow it has such a fun cover and bright color and truly has that storybook feel.’”

Lulu is designed after Krumm’s little sister Emma Krumm. Pahetti used a photo of her as a little girl to create the image of Lulu.

Publishing her first book is a lifelong dream come true for Krumm. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and even got in trouble at school for writing in class.

Krumm currently works in the software industry, but her dream is to one day have a portfolio of published books and this is the first step.

Krumm was able to open the first copies of her hardcover books with her family.

“It was so cool, it was so surreal and exciting,” Krumm said. “Opening the box was so unreal. Seeing the colors they were so much brighter... There’s nothing really like it, you’ll never know what it’s like until you have it in your hands.”

Krumm’s book launch will be held at 1 p.m. May 14, at the Rogers Community Room and is open to everyone. There will be acts of kindness activities for kids, book signing, coloring contest, face painting and more.

“I hope that kids who read it for the first time realize kindness can change people’s day,” Krumm said. “I hope that kids take away that they are powerful, every person has the power to do great things, even if they are small.”

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