Richard Velez Macedonio, 21, of Albertville, was sentenced on June 1 for three counts of felony possession of pornographic work-computer disk/electronic/magnetic/optical image with porn to a stay of imposition for five years on conditions of probation, serve 60 days jail, pay $200 fine plus surcharges, provide DNA sample, have no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, do not register to vote or vote until discharged from probation, obtain permission before leaving the state, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, undergo a chemical dependency assessment and follow all recommendations, attend a sex offender program and follow all recommendations, submit to a polygraph, have no contact with victim or victim’s family, have no use or possession of pornography, have no access or use of the internet without probation agent approval or monitoring software, have no unsupervised contact with minors or vulnerable adults, register as a sex offender, cooperate with the search of person, residence, vehicle, workplace and property, maintain contact with probation agent, have no same or similar violations.

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