Following are some of the incidents from the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety, dated June 7. WHPS serves Independence and Maple Plain. The incidents below took place in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, May 30

On the 200 block of Game Farm Road, resident complained that a motorized paraglider flew at tree top level in his neighborhood the night before. The paraglider had a rainbow colored parachute but he could not see an identifying number. He was concerned that livestock might be spooked or someone might be bucked off a spooked horse. The resident was advised that this is an issue for the Federal Aeronautics Administration and to call while the incident is occurring.

WHPS received two reports from residents about being scammed by a solicitor. They thought they were signing up for new TV service with Dish TV. The solicitor had them write a check for the sign up fee to him personally instead of the service provider. Cases are under investigation.

Friday, May 31

At 2:30 - 5:30 a.m., on the 5000 block of Koch’s Crossing, a residence was burglarized while the homeowners were asleep inside. Access was gained with a garage door opener removed from an unlocked vehicle in their driveway. Numerous items were stolen from the main floor kitchen area. A possible DNA sample was recovered but no latent prints. Case is under investigation.

On the 3000 block of Independence Road, woman’s wallet was found lying on the road. A witness advised that the wallet had fallen off the roof of a vehicle. The officer responded to the address on the driver’s license and returned the wallet to the owner.

At County Road 50/Roy Road, a crash occurred between two northbound vehicles. Vehicle number one stopped in the road and started backing up to turn around. The driver didn’t see vehicle number two stopped behind her. Vehicle number one collided with the front bumper of vehicle number two at low speed. Driver of vehicle number one was cited for failure to drive with due care.

Saturday, June 1

On the 1000 block of County Road 90, police responded to report of male with a severe shoulder injury after a fall from three to four steps up a ladder. No head or neck injury. He was transported by ambulance to Maple Grove hospital.

Sunday, June 2

At 3:43 a.m., at County Road 11/Townline Road, police were dispatched to a vehicle that drove into a pond. The driver and passenger were standing on the side of the road when officers arrived. Loretto Fire Department treated driver and passenger for hypothermia. Burda’s Towing removed the vehicle. The driver reported he was distracted. He was cited for a traffic violation.

At 8:06 a.m., on the 5900 block of Pagenkopf Road, police responded to report of carp dumped all over the road. Upon arrival the officer found a quarter-mile trail of approximately 30 carp on the road in the westbound lane. Most appeared to have spear wounds. City of Independence removed the carp.

At 5:23 p.m., at Highway 12/County Road 92, vehicle number one was southbound County Road 92 at Highway 12. When the vehicle proceeded forward, it was struck from behind by vehicle number two and pushed into the traffic lane. No injuries. Minor damage to both vehicles. Driver of vehicle number two cited for following too close.

Monday, June 3

At 2:53 a.m. on the 4200 block of Woodhill Drive, a male reported pain radiating from the back of his head to his neck and back, preventing him from sleeping. He was transported by ambulance to Methodist Hospital.

On the 7500 block of Pioneer Creek Road, resident reported being told she had won a sweepstakes. She suspected it was a scam. She had notes describing where she had been instructed to send certified checks in order to prove she was true winner. An officer confirmed it was a scam and advised her not to call them back.

Tuesday, June 4

At County Road 90/Main Street East, vehicle number one was northbound on County Road 90, missed the turn onto Main Street West and started backing up in the road. Vehicle number two was also northbound on County Road 90 and was not able to get out of vehicle number one’s way. Vehicle number one backed into vehicle number two. Drivers exchanged insurance information.

Driver of vehicle number one was cited for causing the crash.

At County Roads 6 and 92, the witness of a stop arm violation called 911 and followed the suspect vehicle until it was stopped and the driver spoken to. Case under investigation.

Wednesday, June 5

On the 2000 block of County Road 92, officers were dispatched for report of a vehicle that hit a deer at Highway 12/County Road 92 and then caught on fire. When officers arrived, the vehicle was on fire and the deer was dead in the ditch. Maple Plain Fire Department extinguished the fire. The vehicle was towed. The driver’s husband picked her up and brought her home.

Following are some of the incidents from the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety, dated June 4.

Friday, May 24

After coming to a complete stop at the four-way stop intersection, vehicle number one was southbound on County Road 19 and began to turn to go eastbound on County Road 6. Vehicle number two was eastbound on County Road 6 when it entered the intersection and collided with the passenger side of vehicle number one.  Vehicle number two slid into the ditch, struck a Frontier phone pedestal and had to be towed from the ditch. No injuries.

On the 1700 block of Highstead Drive, male was unable to move and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Saturday, May 25

Bicyclist on Luce Line Trail at Ingerson Road became dizzy and blacked out for a couple seconds. Maple Plain Fire Department arrived and monitored vitals until North Memorial EMT arrived and took over patient care.

Sunday, May 26

On the 2300 block of Copeland Road, police and Delano Fire Department assisted a female who had been unconscious, was now awake but unresponsive to questions. North Memorial EMT arrived and provided care. Officer was advised to clear before transport decision was made.

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