Following are some of the incidents from the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety. WHPS serves Independence and Maple Plain. The incidents below took place in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Friday, Dec. 18

In 2800 block of Becker Road, male requested help with resolving a property dispute to get his tools back. Property owner was advised about a lawsuit regarding work that had not been done. Male admitted that there was a lawsuit. Officer advised the male that he would need to resolve it in court.

At County Road 6/ Nelson Road, male working for Amazon reported that he believed he had popped out his shoulder while lifting a box. North Memorial EMS transported him to the hospital.

Sunday, Dec. 20

At Vinland Center, 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, caller reported that he was watching the Vikings versus Bears football game when a male head butted him. Male was upset with the caller because he was cheering for the Bears. Both males did not want to pursue charges. Due to conflicting accounts, no charges were issued.

Monday, Dec. 21

At 4:39 a.m. in 2000 block of County Road 90, report that a female left on foot and was walking in front of moving traffic. Officer located the female, who earlier had gotten into an argument with her husband. Female denied being depressed and admitted to being stressed. She agreed to stay at a hotel because she was not a danger to herself.

In 5200 block of Manchester Drive, male reported theft of gas from his and his girl friend’s vehicle on Friday, Dec. 18. Approximate loss was $40.

Wednesday, Dec. 23

In Independence and Maple Plain, during blizzard with northwest winds of 35 to 40 miles per hour and gusts to 60 miles per hour, blowing and drifting, officers received multiple calls of vehicles in the ditch, unable to get up hills and stuck in the middle of the road. Drivers stopped to clear snow and ice from windshields. Motorists were checked to see whether they needed assistance and transported to another location if needed.

Thursday, Dec. 24

At 9:14 p.m. in 2300 block of Old Post Road, male had back pain. North Memorial EMS transported him to the hospital.

Friday, Dec. 25

At 11:30 a.m. at 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, 26-year-old male was ill, possible with COVID-19. North Memorial EMS provided patient care.

At 2:42 p.m., vehicle crash at Highway 12/Valley Road. Vehicle number one was eastbound on Highway 12, waiting for a vehicle to turn. Vehicle number one was slowing/ stopped in traffic. Vehicle number two also was eastbound on Highway 12, when it collided with the rear of vehicle number one. Driver of vehicle number two was issued a citation for failure to drive with due care. No injuries were reported.

Saturday, Dec. 26

In 2800 block of Nelson Road, mail carrier reported that, during mail delivery, the vehicle slid into the ditch, hit a resident’s mailbox and damaged it.

In 2000 block of County Road 90, officer observed a vehicle that was parked facing the wrong way in the traffic lane in front of Pioneer Creek Community Park. The owner approached on cross-country skis. He stated that the parking lot was unplowed, and he parked on the road to ski in the park. Officer spoke about traffic safety and alternative parking. Officer issued verbal warning issued about parking in wrong direction in lane of traffic.

Monday, Dec. 28

In 5100 block of Broadmoor Drive, caller reported that an anvil that had been sitting outside of his father’s shed for over 30 years was missing. Case is under investigation.

Tuesday, Dec. 29

In 3200 block of Lake Haughey Road, report that a white commercial utility type vehicle was parked on the east side of the road by the park entrance. The vehicle had been left unlocked with tools and electrical equipment inside. Vehicle registration was found, and a message was left for the company to call WHPS. Vehicle will be towed if it is not picked up within 72 hours.

Wednesday, Dec. 30

In 4200 block of Woodhill Drive, report that a domestic abuse no contact order and order for protection were violated. Violations are under investigation, pending charges.

In 5200 block of County Road 11, female felt dizzy. She was transported by North Memorial EMS to the hospital.

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